When a member of staff logs onto the SIMS Homepage they will be presented with their user Homepage.

A user will be able to reconfigure their Homepage according to their preferences and access rights. The ability to display Attendance, Behaviour etc and to set a refresh rate for each section, where an automatic refresh would be beneficial, is also available.

There is however a refresh rate configured automatically for some Homepage panels and these are as follows:

1.  Attendance Summary - 30 minutes (due to be reduced to 10 minutes for June 09 release - to be confirmed)

2.  My Timeline - 1 minute
3.  My Messages - 30 seconds
4.  School Diary - 30 minutes
5.  Missing Registers - 10 minutes
6.  My Favourites - 2 minutes
7.  Behaviour Incident Summary - 4 minutes 20 seconds
8.  Today's Behaviour Details - 4 minutes 20 seconds
9.  Achievement Summary - 3 minutes 45 seconds
10.Today's Achievements - 3 minutes 45 seconds

NOTE:The system will check for Missing Registers every 10 minutes.  It will not refresh the Missing Registers panel, if the 10 minutes falls within the time set by the Attendance Manager for the Homepage to refresh.

For Primary schools, the notification period is pre-defined

For Secondary schools, the notification period is taken from the Timetable

EXAMPLE SCENARIO (PRIMARY):The AM session starts at 09:00 and the PM session starts at 13:00.The Homepage Missing Register notification is not being received until 09:19
This is due to the Homepage refresh taking place at 09:09, which in turn pushes the Missing Register notification to take place 10 minutes after that time, at 09:19.
Where the Missing Register notification refresh is due before the Homepage, the Homepage refresh is given priority and the Missing Register notification is completed at the next opportunity.