• Ensure that the DOB has been recorded correctly in SIMS. If not, update the DOB and wait an hour for SIMS Activities to be updated before beginning registration process again.
  • Ensure that the user is entering the correct DOB.
    Staff members and pupils must enter their own DOB
    Parents must enter the DOB of one of their children attending to the school
  • If none of the above work , it usually means that the user has already registered. If they have already registered they need to sign back into SIMS Activities using the correct URL and not the registration URL.
  • SIMS Activities administrator should use this URL - https://admin.sims.co.uk/
  • All other school staff including Organisers and Supervisors should use this URL - https://organiser.sims-activities.co.uk/
  • Parents should use this URL - https://parent.sims.co.uk/
  • Pupils should use this URL - https://student.sims.co.uk/