• Are they an Office 365 user? If so, ensure that they been granted permissions by their Office 365 Administrator.
  • Are they using the correct URL to access SIMS Activities? (i.e. not the registration URL)
    SIMS Activities Administrators should use this URL - https://admin.sims.co.uk 
    All other school staff including Organisers and Supervisors should use this URL - https://organiser.sims-activities.co.uk 
    Parents should use this URL - https://parent.sims.co.uk 
    Pupils should use this URL - https://student.sims.co.uk 
  • If the user is receiving an "unauthorised access" error message, ensure that they are logging into SIMS Activities with the account that they registered with. This tends to be a common issue for those sharing the same computer /device.
  • To sign out of an incorrect account, the user should visit the account provider's web page (e.g.Google or Facebook) and select "Sign out". Close the browser completely and open a new browser window and login to SIMS activities. Sign in using the correct account details.
  • Does the user appear on the pending invited response list? If they do, it means that the user has forgotten to register.