Code Y is used to indicate where a pupil is unable to attend school because:

  • The School site, or part of it, is closed due to an unavoidable cause; or
  • The transport provided by the school or local authority is not available and where the pupils home is not within walking distance; or
  • A local or national emergency has resulted in a widespread disruption to travel which has prevented the pupil from attending school.

To enter a code Y in SIMS .net attendance you need to:

  1. Open SIMS .net
  2. Go to Focus | Attendance | Exceptional Circumstances
  3. Click new
  4. Enter the date range you require
  5. Select the appropriate Group Type (e.g. Whole School if the whole school was closed or Individual pupil / Reg Group / Year Group if this was a partial closure)
  6. Click Search, if appropriate select the individual students / groups
  7. Choose the Y code in the Code selection box
  8. Add an appropriate description and then click apply - description must be provided

You will then receive a message stating that the marks have been applied. Every student selected will now have either a ‘Y’ code recorded for attendance sessions within the date range selected.

Codes not being overwritten by exceptional circumstance Y

‘Y’ will overwrite '/,\,L,N,O,U'. - if you have already entered any other code this will need to be removed prior to applying the Exceptional Circumstance