The following process can be used to reset a user’s password if a user has forgotten or lost their password. It will randomly generate a 10-character password, combining numbers and letters (0–9 and A–Z). Letters will appear on-screen in upper case, but when entering a password to access SIMS, the password is not case sensitive.

NOTE: This process is not available if your school is using Windows Authentication for logging into SIMS. If you are using Windows Authentication, password management is handled by the Network Manager.

1. Select Focus | System Manager | Manage Users to display the Find User browser and select the user whose password you wish to reset.

2. Click the Login Details hyperlink to display the Login Details panel.

3. Click the Reset button adjacent to the Password field.

A new password will be displayed in the Password field. It is recommended hat once a user’s login details have been reset, the user logs into SIMS as soon as possible and changes their password for security purposes. 

SIMS will force the user to change the default password the first time they login. If they forget their default password, a report detailing default passwords is available to the System Manager.