Deadlines: Please submit Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessments to the LA no later than MIDDAY on Monday 25th June 2018

Please note the DfE has advised LAs they may not request Key Stage 2 TA data before this time which means our window to process and check the submissions and resolve any queries is much shorter than in previous years. Therefore we would very much appreciate your submission by the deadline!

Please submit Key Stage 1 Teacher Assessments, Early Years Foundation Stage Profile Assessments, and Year 1 (and Year 2 re-sits) Phonics marks to the LA by 28th June 2018

NOTE FOR ACADEMIES: As Academies have taken up the Directorate Support Team (Data and Statistics) SLA, please record the EYFSP, Y1 Phonics (and Y2 re-checks), KS1 TA, and KS2 TA information and submit to the LA as outlined in the booklets. We will then submit the necessary data to the DfE on your behalf. 

The Capita SIMS Spring upgrade contains the files which enable schools to record and report on the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile; Year 1 (and Y2 re-checks) Phonics Screening Check; Key Stage 1 Teacher Assessments (TAs), and Key Stage 2 Tests and Teacher Assessments. In order to access the relevant files the school must have completed the Spring upgrade to version 7.180 of


When loads, the version number is displayed on the initial screen. Alternatively, once loaded, click on Help and then on About SIMS - a screen will be displayed containing the version number. If you are not on version 7.180, please contact the helpdesk on 01209 311344.

Please note that the submission of P Scales for all children working below the standard of the tests (“BLW”) at the end of Key Stages 1 and 2 in their Teacher Assessments is statutory and is described in the relevant booklets.

Please note that you will receive additional information via email if you are taking part in the summer continuation of the EYFSP Tracking collection which supports pupil tracking over reception year.


Key Stage 2 SATS results will be available on Tuesday 10th July from the ‘Pupil Results’ section of the DfEs NCA Tools Website

If you have any questions about the collections this year, please get in touch with us, either by phone on (01872) 327811, or by email at