You can connect to the iCT4 Hosted SIMS platform via the web portal or by adding a remote app.

Method 1: Web Portal

Please note Internet explorer is recommended for the best experience. 

1. Open your web browser and enter the website address

2. Sign in with your username and password.

3. Click on the SIMS icon under hosted applications.

4. If you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer you may be prompted to click 'Open' or 'save'. If you wish to save the connection shortcut for later click 'Save' otherwise click 'Open'.

5. Run the download if it doesn't start automatically and select 'Don't ask me for remote connections from this publisher again' and click connect.

6. Sims will start to load and appear in your task-bar.

Method 2: Add a remote app

1. Open control panel by click on the windows start menu and searching 'Control panel'

2. Using the search bar in the top right enter 'RemoteApp'

3. Click on 'Access RemoteApp and desktops'

4. Enter the web address click next.

5. Click next again

6. Enter your username and password in the popup box and click 'Remember me'

7. The wizard will add the connection and the SIMS icon will appear in your start menu.