Zoiper can easily be configured to allow the use of the Gradwell phone system from a Windows or Mac client or an iOS, Android or Windows phone, however...

NB: You cannot use the same Gradwell extension account in more than one place.

  • If the user wants to use Zoiper instead of their desk phone, you can de-register the phone and use their existing account.
  • If the user wants to use Zoiper in addition to their desk phone, or use Zoiper on more than one device, you will need to create additional Gradwell extension accounts for each device, and complete all necessary Gradwell configuration as required for these new extensions - adding into hunt groups / IVR menus, voicemail settings etc.

Desktops (Windows or Mac)

Gradwell desktop guide

  1. Download the free Zoiper application from zoiper.com and install it.
  2. Launch it, select to 'continue as a free user'
  3. Login with their Gradwell extension account:
    • Username: *extension number*@sip.gradwell.com
  4. Enter the hostname, if not already there: sip.gradwell.com
  5. Enable Authentication and Outbound Proxy
  6. The connection test should pass for SIP UDP

Mobile Phones (iOS, Android or Windows)

Gradwell iOS guide

Gradwell Android guide

The process is essentially identical regardless of the type of phone.

  1. Download the Zoiper Lite app
  2. Launch it and select the QR scan icon (top left for iOS, bottom left for Android, in Settings for Windows)
  3. From the Gradwell Guide page (linked above) click the link to generate a QR code - looks like this:
  4. Login to the app with the Gradwell extension account
  5. The app should register